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What to Expect

Our Mississauga physiotherapy team has the skills and training required to assess, diagnose and prescribe treatment to alleviate your physical discomfort.

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Our Mississauga physiotherapy clinic offers both traditional and natural treatments. We offer: Physiotherapy, Pain management, Holistic Treatments

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Our Team

Not just anyone can be a physiotherapist in Mississauga. In addition to formal training and hands-on experience, you need to have the right attitude...

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Why Choose Our Mississauga Physiotherapy Clinic?

  • Expertly trained staff
  • Clean and convenient location
  • Traditional and holistic therapies
  • A focus on your whole-body wellness

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Our clinic programs are supervised by a team of expert healthcare professionals:

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Health Benefits of Fermentation

1. Improves Digestion Fermentation breaks down nutrients into more easily digestible forms. When lactobacilli in fermented foods proliferate, their vitamin levels increase and digestibility is enhanced. When it comes to soybeans, this protein-rich bean is indigestible without fermentation. Fermentation breaks down the soybeans complex protein into readily digestible amino acids, giving us traditional Asian ingredients, […]

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Yes, you can pack healthy lunches and love them!

By Dave Mowat, Clinic Manager, Mississauga Now that summer has come to an end, it is time to get back on a regular schedule. For those that are unable to eat lunch at home, your regular schedule should include packing healthy lunches to enjoy throughout the workweek. Packing your lunch instead of purchasing ones is […]

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5 Easy Ways to Detoxify + Cleanse Daily

By Anna Lubaszka, Wellness Consultant & Health Coach, Mississauga We’re all exposed to toxins on a daily basis. From water, food, environment, beauty and personal products to stress and negative thinking, toxins accumulate in our body. The good news is that our body innately detoxifies these substances. However, the exposure of these poisonous substances has […]

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5 Metabolism Myths You Must Know Now!

By Dave Mowat, Clinic Manager, Thornhill & Mississauga A source of confusion for some and a scapegoat for extra weight around the midsection for others, metabolism has long been a topic of hot conversation. Without it, we would lack the energy to get out of bed in the morning, let alone burn calories all day […]

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