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gut health

Health Benefits of Fermentation

1. Improves Digestion Fermentation breaks down nutrients into more easily digestible forms. When lactobacilli in fermented foods proliferate, their vitamin levels increase and digestibility is enhanced. When it comes to soybeans, this protein-rich bean is indigestible without fermentation. Fermentation breaks down the soybeans complex protein into readily digestible amino acids, giving us traditional Asian ingredients, […]

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trapper nerves

Stop Suffering From Trapped Nerves

Are you feeling more than a little trapped by physical pain? Here’s how to relieve the pain and discomfort of trapped nerves. Nerves are your brain’s connection to the rest of your body. They are rooted in the brain and the spinal cord and they radiate outward into the rest of your body, keeping your […]

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lowe back pain

Ordinary Lower Back Pain Can Be Helped

Sometimes, lower back pain can be serious, but usually it is not a medical emergency. This article talks about when lower back pain should be seen to immediately by a doctor and when a physiotherapist is the best choice. Lower back pain can be extremely distressing. It makes going about the daily routine very difficult, […]

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