How a Deep Tissue Massage Can Help with Healing

How a Deep Tissue Massage Can Help with Healing

A deep tissue massage helps to break down this rigid tissue allowing the supply of blood flow to be returned to the muscles and tissues. The massage therapist conducting the massage will apply deep pressure to the affected area, allowing muscles located in hidden pockets to become relieved. With a surface massage, it’s difficult for these underlying muscles to receive treatment. While it may feel nice, a deep tissue massage is usually what is needed for healing purposes.

How does it feel to have a deep tissue massage?

Unlike a surface massage, deep tissue massages can be a little uncomfortable at first. Because there are pockets of painful muscle that need fixing, pressing on these muscles to relieve knots and rigid tissue is not going to feel great. However, once the muscles and tissues have been relieved, you’re going to feel a lot better.

If you experience extreme pain during a deep tissue massage, it is always important to let your massage therapist know. Some pain during the massage is normal and is needed in order to fix your issues. Once you complete your massage, the pain will subside and you’ll be feeling as good as new with no more pain or tension.

What can I do to prepare for a deep tissue massage?

Many massage therapists recommend different tactics before and after receiving a deep tissue massage in order to ensure you are as comfortable as possible:

• Arrive early to your appointment. This is especially important if it is your first time receiving a massage and you need to fill out the necessary paperwork.

• Eat something light before you head to your massage.

• Drink lots of water after your massage to help get rid of any toxins that are released during your massage. Water is also needed to keep your muscles hydrated so that you do not experience soreness or stiffness from the deep tissue massage.

• Make sure to properly stretch after you are done. This will help with soreness of the muscles and promote faster healing.

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