Mississauga Cancer Smart Rehab

Mississauga Cancer Smart Rehab


Wellspring Cancer Foundation’s CancerSmart Rehab

Our Mississauga clinic follows Wellspring Cancer Foundation’s CancerSmart Rehab program to help cancer patients during the following treatment phases.

Restoring Strength

Exercise has proven to be an effective way to combat cancer. In fact, evidence shows that physical activity is crucial throughout all cancer phases. Physical activity can help with a variety of cancer symptoms and associated conditions, and helps patients improve their appetites, sleep better, build strength and reduce anxiety and depression.

Battling cancer is a physically and mentally exhausting process that causes patients severe fatigue and loss of bodily and psychological strength. With our Mississauga clinic’s CancerSmartRehab guidelines, we believe that keeping your body strong through regular exercise therapy is important.

Studies show that exercise therapy can help patients better manage their symptoms, such as fatigue, nausea, and appetite loss – symptoms that drain them of their energy and strength and, ultimately, lessen their chances of survival. When patients are able to sleep better and eat better, they can maintain their strength to fight the body-ravaging effects of cancer and continue their treatment.

A (Pro)Active Approach

Even for patients whose cancer is in remission, exercise therapy can lessen the chances of cancer reoccurrence. In fact, exercise therapy is a great way for survivors of cancer to work with cancer rehabilitation specialists and physiotherapists to help them reclaim the strength and vitality that cancer stole. Exercise therapy not only helps patients with symptoms such as nausea and fatigue, but it can also help patients build and maintain strength, regulate bowel movements, improve bone health and physical function, and improve immune system function.

Exercise therapy is also an effective way for patients undergoing treatment to reduce the risk of co-morbidities (additional conditions above and beyond the cancer diagnosis) and reduce the severity and persistence of chronic side effects from treatment. Patients who undergo treatment at our Mississauga CancerSmart Rehab facility are also more likely to continue on with their treatment even through the most challenging and painful of times. The value of this cannot be understated, as it increases patients’ chances of survival: it’s, quite literally, a matter of life and death.

According to research, exercise therapy increases a patient’s level of physical (and mental) fitness, which therefore enhances their ability to cope with the physical and emotional stress of treatment. It can also help improve a patient’s mood and outlook, helping them reclaim a sense of control over their body and their life. Cancer does not just affect the body but the mind and the spirit as well.

Who Is Eligible for Mississauga CancerSmart Rehab?

We treat patients at all levels of cancer development, from the initial diagnosis to the years following recovery. Our clients are male and female patients of all ages and cancer stages.

People who are committed to their treatment at Mississauga CancerSmart Rehab can experience many benefits, including quicker recovery times and better chances of survival. If you’ve been diagnosed, are in treatment for, or are in recovery from cancer, contact us for more information on our treatment programs.