Custom Knee Braces Mississauga

Custom Knee Braces Mississauga


Why Custom Bracing Is Important

Custom bracing is an important part of anyone’s healing journey. It helps us recover taking away some of the strain. Bracing can also be key to your rehabilitation. If you’ve suffered an injury that requires support, be sure to visit us in Mississauga. Custom bracing is one of our specialties and we can get you the tools you need to live a better life with more movement and less pain. We have a wide variety of custom bracing services available. Here are the most common kinds of bracing we do, and how they can help you with your injuries and medical issues.

1. Back Braces

If you’ve suffered a back injury in Mississauga, custom bracing for your back may be absolutely essential to helping you recover mobility, reduce pain, and improve your quality of life. Our backs and spines are a complicated and complex system of muscles, bones, and tissue that all need to work together to keep our bodies moving. Back braces can also help you with pain relief that can be the result of poor posture, extended sitting, or a physically demanding job.

2. Knee Braces

Common for sports injury recovery, knee braces help support your legs and can stop your knee joint from going in the wrong directions during physical activities. If you’ve suffered a knee injury or experience chronic leg and knee pain and live in Mississauga, custom bracing from our clinic could help you get up and running again, almost literally. Our expert teams can make a brace that fit your body perfectly, so you can get all the support you need. It can help you recover, experience less pain, and get back to your active lifestyle.

3. Elbow Braces

Despite its name, tennis elbow can affect more people than those who regularly hit the tennis courts. In fact, tennis elbow can result from any number of activities. If you suffer from elbow issues in Mississauga, custom bracing for your elbow can help relieve pressure on your tendons, give your body a chance to heal, and can even help you regain mobility. Whether you play tennis or not, the right custom brace can get you back out and swinging.

4. Ankle Braces

Ankles are delicate and complicated features of very small, but incredibly important pieces. When you suffer damage to an ankle, swelling can cause pain and further harm your body. That’s why you may need our Mississauga clinic’s custom bracing team to design a brace that helps your ankle make a full recovery. Ankle braces must be made to your specific foot, not simply because of its delicate and small size, but because of its wide range of movement. Without the right brace, you could end up hurting yourself even more.

If you’ve suffered an injury or have a chronic condition and live in Mississauga, custom bracing may be the answer for you. Our dedicated team can create a custom brace that will help your body heal and give you a chance to improve your quality of life.