Custom Orthotics Mississauga

Custom Orthotics Mississauga


The Benefits Of Custom Orthotics

At our Mississauga location, custom orthotics are part of our specialization. These inserts are designed to address conditions with your foot and lower body issues. Our custom orthotics vary in their manufacturing and the materials we use to ensure they are all based on ourclient’s needs, activities and health factors. We prescribe orthotics with “wear and tear” in mind, accommodating the style of the orthotic to the individual’s foot and lifestyle. Our orthotics ensure that your feet stay happy with our custom work thorough analysis, fitting and aftercare. We also consider things like plantarfascitis also known as heel spurs, metatarsalgia, and soft tissue degeneration, so we can recommend different orthotic treatments accordingly.

Here in our Mississauga clinic, our custom orthotics are designed to assist with the following conditions:

  • Pain in the legs due to lack of circulation
  • Back pain
  • Knee problems
  • Pronation control (where the foot tends to walk on the inside of the arch)
  • And more

Some clients may go with the route of trying to remedy their foot problems with certain footwear like memory foam infused soles. However, contrary to popular belief, it may not always be the best solution to wear memory foam footwear. In some cases the foam may be too soft for the heel spurs and cause prolonged and very unnecessary damage to your feet.

It is best to get a custom-made orthotic that works to control the amount of excessive pronation and supination of your feet that occurs when walking, running or other activities such as cycling.

We also understand that not all orthotic shoes go attractively with business, dress or evening wear. Thanks to the technology in our Mississauga location, we can assess if custom-made orthotic insoles are right for you. These insoles are placed inside of your existing footwear, making it easy for you to stand and walk with ease while wearing the shoes you love.

Our Mississauga custom orthotic team stands by the fact that our custom orthotics are built for each individual foot, and our specialists will take the time to analyze and distinguish each unique condition or situation related to the health and comfort of your foot. Investing in custom orthotics not only provides you with added support, but also educates you and your family on all types of scenarios that may occur and how to remedy them with natural solutions.

We judge the situation by the way the foot is shaped and each individual person’s walking style, which varies from person to person.Visit us today to learn more and get your custom orthotics designed today.