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Mississauga Kinesiology


Kinesiology Treatments In Mississauga

Many of the root causes of everyday physical pain are found in the way that we move. The human body is an amazing flexible and adjustable system, but like with any system, there are opportunities for things to go wrong. That’s where our team of Mississauga kinesiology experts come in.

Kinesiology is the scientific study of how the human body moves. When you come in for a treatment with our Mississauga kinesiology team, you will undergo testing and analysis so that they can understand your lifestyle and your habits. Our aim is to see where the trouble started and help you to change your movement patterns in order to restore your well-being.

Who can benefit from treatments with our Mississauga kinesiology team? Here are a few people that kinesiology can help.


Athletes are among the most common patients that Mississauga kinesiolgoists treat. Sports require players to have speed, power, grace and flexibility. Kinesiology naturally goes hand in hand with sports medicine as athletes seek to improve their performance without risking injury.

People Recovering From Injuries

When injuries do occur, whether or not you are an athlete, you may benefit from the expertise of a Mississauga kinesiology worker. Kineseologists frequently work with injured people to help them recover and to formulate a strategy to minimize the risk of re-injury. In the case of repetitive strain injuries and other types of pain whose source isn’t obvious, our team can help you to understand how the injury occurred. Once that is established, they can help you to make changes to your lifestyle to help you avoid re-injury.

People with Disabilities

Mississauga kinesiology experts are also part of our team of caregivers for people with long term disabilities. Their deep understanding of human movement can help people with long term and lifelong disabilities to attain the greatest degree of mobility that their body can handle. As with injured patients, this practice can help patients with disabilities to change their lifestyle and habits in order to foster increased mobility.

So what can you expect when you see a Mississauga kinesiologist? The first thing they will want to do is to understand how you as an individual are in the habit of moving your body. You will be put through a series of tests, including activities like using your muscles to move against mild resistance, and stretching to help establish your range of motion. These tests are to help your therapist understand not only how your body moves, but how your brain understands each motion you make.

Your treatment will almost certainly include an exercise plan to help your brain and body form good habits. As your body moves in optimal ways, your brain will learn strategies to make those optimal movements a part of your everyday life. Make sure to practise the new movements that your kinesiology worker gives you. Positive results are much more likely with your active and enthusiastic participation. Come in and see how our Mississauga kinesiology experts can get you moving!