Naturopath Mississauga

Naturopath Mississauga


Mississauga Naturopath: A New and Old Approach to Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is becoming increasingly popular, as it combines traditional medicine with contemporary scientific knowledge. Many people prefer naturopathic doctors to regular practitioners for treatment of a variety of ailments and illnesses, including chronic illnesses such as allergies and arthritis, and acute conditions such as headaches and muscle injuries. The array of conditions and illnesses that naturopathic medicine can treat is wide-ranging and extensive.

Many naturopathic doctors, in fact, treat women’s conditions, such as menopausal problems and menstrual disorders. More and more women in Mississauga are turning to naturopathic medicine for treatment of women’s issues, as they prefer taking a more natural approach to healing their bodies of pain and/or illness.

The Benefits of Naturopathy

The benefits of naturopathic medicine are extensive. Not only is treatment effective, but practitioners of naturopathy have a wide range of knowledge that is not limited to Western medicine. If you want to treat a mental or physical disorder without the use of chemical pharmaceuticals, visit a naturopathic doctor. They can treat a variety of physical and psychological treatments, while promoting vitalism and self-healing. Naturopaths will help guide you towards a fuller, healthier life, as naturopathy does not only treat the condition, but the lifestyle. Using a variety of natural methods, including herbalism, acupuncture, homeopathy and diet/lifestyle counseling, naturopathic practitioners will help you heal your body, spirit, and mind.

Naturopaths favor a holistic approach to practicing medicine, avoiding surgical and invasive procedures where necessary. Instead of simply treating the illness or ailment, naturopaths treat the person, helping them learn strategies to reduce stress, eat better, and self-heal. That’s not the say that naturopaths are simply a kind of medical “life coach,” but rather that they focus their attention and treatment strategies on helping individuals recover from acute or chronic illnesses, while promoting health and happiness in the future.

In Mississauga, naturopathic medicine is practiced by qualified and certified members of either the United States by the American Naturopathic Association (ANA) and the American Naturopathic Medical Association. There all also independent practitioners.

Live Better, Naturally

While some people discredit naturopathy because of its seemingly non-traditional approach to medicine, the fact is that naturopathy is a very old, very traditional practice. Indeed, Hippocrates, the Greek founder of modern medicine, is attributed as being the first advocate of naturopathic medicine; and, in the 19th century, naturopathy began to gain disciplinary traction as the “Nature Cure” movement spread through Europe. Even in those early days, naturopathic medicine practitioners knew the value of eating healthy, reducing stress, exercising and avoiding harmful practices and habits, such as smoking and overworking.

Naturopaths treat the majority of medical conditions, but among the most common are digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, obesity, heart disease, chronic and acute pain, female conditions, fatigue, and fibromyalgia. While they may prescribe pharmaceuticals to patients in certain cases, their emphasis is on the use of natural healing agents. If you live in the Mississauga area and are interested in pursuing a more natural, alternate form of treatment for whatever ails you, consult with one of our naturopathic doctors. Live better, naturally.