Mississauga WSIB Rehab

Mississauga WSIB Rehab

Mississauga WSIB Rehab

Getting injured at work is one of the most inconvenient and frustrating things that can happen to you. In addition to the physical pain you are now suffering, you can find that your livelihood and your plans for the future are disrupted. That’s why we offer Mississauga WSIB rehab services. We want you back on your feet and continuing with your job and your life.

When you come in for Mississauga WSIB rehab, we have several goals in mind. Recovery from workplace injuries takes time and we can help you put that time to the best use. Here are some of the goals we would like to help you attain.

Relieve Pain

Our first step is to relieve any pain you might be in. Constant pain is disruptive to your lifestyle and can lead to fatigue and depression. We will assess the source of your pain and find ways to bring it under control so that you can continue your recovery.

Restore Your Abilities

Some injures come with lasting ill effects, such as loss of strength or diminished flexibility. Mississauga WSIB rehab workers will help you to regain your lost strength, flexibility and mobility so that you can return to your job in the same condition, if possible, as before your injury. Our healing strategy will include physiotherapy and other services as needed, such as braces, medication and exercise plans.

Get You Back To Work

Mississauga WSIB rehab experts want to get you back to your normal life, including your job, as quickly as possible. We can help to co-ordinate your return to your workplace at a pace that is healthy for you and optimal for your employers. We can help your employers to understand your recovery needs so that you can do your job without the risk of another injury.

Prevent Future Injuries

Mississauga WSIB rehab can help you to examine the cause of your workplace injury with an eye towards preventing it from happening again. We can help you find ways to make your workplace, and your work habits, safer and more ergonomic. Many workplace injuries are easily preventable with a few minor changes, either to your environment or your behaviour, and we can help you to make those changes.

Over the years, Mississauga WSIB rehab clinics have come to understand trends in workplace injuries and offer some specialized treatment programs for certain types of injuries. Many workplace injuries fall under the category of musculoskeletal injuries, meaning that the bones or muscles have been damaged. We have a musculoskeletal program of care targeted towards helping you recover from this type of trauma in various parts of the body.

Some of our programs of Mississauga WSIB rehab care are specially formulated for certain commonly injured or strained parts of the body. For example we have a shoulder program of care to help get your shoulders and arms moving properly. We also provide a program of care for the lower back, whether to help you recover from acute injuries.

Visit one of our clinics to see how we can help you get back to work.